‘Learn to live with it!’ IDS defends Boris’ decision to scrap Covid measures

Iain Duncan Smith 'completely in favour' of ending Covid rules

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Tory MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith sat down on LBC Radio with host Nick Ferrari to talk about Covid rules. Sir Iain discussed ending the pandemic and moving away from publishing daily Covid death figures. The former leader of the Conservative party criticised the way the BBC for continuing to publish death data on Covid. Sir Iain also explained that people living in the UK need to learn to live with Covid, telling Mr Ferrari he had contracted the virus in previous weeks and isolated for a while until it passed.

Mr Ferrari said: “First former Cabinet Minister and indeed he was the leader of the Conservative party, Tory MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith. Where are you on this Sir Iain?”

Sir Iain said: “No, I’m completely in favour of moving away, we’re already seeing other countries, and Scandinavia doing it.

“I think the way things are going now, we’re going to have to learn to live with it.

“I mean I actually had Covid a week ago, so I had to self isolate but the symptoms were pretty light really.

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Sir Iain added: “But I ended up having to self isolate for a number of days, quite a long time actually I thought.

“My simple point is we have to learn to live with this.

“I agree with you about the publication of the data, I’ve been really puzzled as to why the BBC keeps on flogging this thing, the whole time.

“And then, having to accept that the figures aren’t altogether correct, so for example when they say there’s a total death figure they’re now having to accept that much of those figures, a significant amount probably died of other causes.

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Sir Iain added: “Only they’ve been lumped together because they originally tested at some point as positive for Covid.

“So it’s time that we moved on from this because otherwise, and your point is also correct, we should therefore if we’re going to publish Covid figures for death and for hospitalisation.

“Surely we should be publishing for everything else as well while we’re at it.

“Otherwise the public have this skewed idea that somehow only Covid is the cause of death.

“It’s unfortunate and sad but at the same time, those figures don’t tell us anything really that informs us.”

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Changes to travel rules for those who are fully vaccinated are set to kick in tomorrow on the 11th of February, the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “After months of pre-departure testing, post-arrival testing, self-isolation and additional expense, all that fully-vaccinated people will now have to do when they travel to the UK is verify their status via a passenger locator form.

“We promised we wouldn’t keep these measures in place a day longer than was necessary, and it is obvious to me now that border testing for vaccinated travellers has outlived its usefulness.

“We are therefore scrapping all travel tests for vaccinated people, not only making travel much easier but also saving about £100 per family on visits abroad.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson made comments about scrapping the rules for UK travellers whilst at a Milton Keynes hospital for a visit, Mr Johnson said: “Although we have to be cautious, we are now moving through the Omicron wave, and you can see the figures are starting to get better.

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