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Cartel warns rival ‘we’ve found your f***ing dog’ in chilling threat over drugs

A deadly Mexican drug cartel has warned an enemy in a rival gang that they're 'coming to him' after allegedly tracking down his dog.

A group of nine Honduran assassins from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel appeared in a video, armed with machine guns as they addressed a 'small-time trafficker known as Pepe'.

The video, that warns Pepe to not mess with 'the mothers of friends,' appears to be a direct response to a threat posted by the bloke alongside other armed criminals claiming drugs were stolen from him.

The translation of the video said: "This is a message that goes out to that small-time trafficker known as Pepe. We’re already aware that you live in El Paraíso, Copán.

"We know that you live just outside of El Paraíso, Copán. We’re also aware that your house is orange in colour. And that just outside of your front door there are 2 other houses there also.

"We already have you located your f*****g dog. We will reprimand you and teach you how to respect the family. You’re not to mess with the mothers of friends. You already know who we are.

"And we’re on our way towards you. We’re coming down from Peten (Valle de Angeles, Francisco Morazan, Honduras).

"We’re giving you 24 hours to retract what you said the day before yesterday you f*****g piece of shit. Nobody f***s with Mencho’s mob you son of a b***h.

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"We’re gonna go f*** you up your dog if you don’t repent of your actions. This is your last warning, you’ve been advised you f*****g f****t.

"Have the balls to receive us with your arms open. You son of a b**** we’re not going to betray you."

In a video posted two days ago, 'Pepe' and his criminal gang gave their rivals 48 hours to return the stolen gear or they will begin 'hunting you and your people.'

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The video translation said: "This message is for Ricardo Manuel Rodriguez Lopez aka ‘Rojo’. We’re already in Honduras.

"We’ve come to collect the things that you took from the aeroplane that you received from Esteban in Olancho on the 26th of January.

"At the onset of this afternoon you have 48 hours to return everything. If you decide to do otherwise we will commence with the hunting of you and your people.

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"We will also turn over to the Honduran government audios, videos, and pictures of all the aircraft that you’ve received.

"Just as well your relation to Tony Hernandez, brother of Juan Orlando Hernandez, the ex-president of Honduras, and the aircraft that you received from him will also be disclosed.

"You’ve already been warned. You have 48 hours to turn over everything, to hand over that cargo that pertains to us."

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