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Putin taunts Europe as Russian jet invades Estonia where hundreds of UK troops based

Russia: Reaction 'stronger than Putin expected' says Ricketts

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A Russian Su-27 fighter jet reportedly violated NATO state’s airspace near the island of Vaindloo in the Gulf of Finland on Saturday. There are currently hundreds of British troops are based in the Baltic state – which shares a land border with Vladimir Putin’s federation. 

In response, Estonian authorities summoned the Russian ambassador in Tallinn after 

It said that the warplane did not post a flight plan and its transponder was switched off as encroached on Estonian territory.

Officials in Tallinn branded it “a very unfortunate and serious incident”.

The news emerged after Mr Johnson was due to speak to the Russian President about ongoing tensions in Ukraine – where he had more than 100,000 troops poised to invade.

It was also accused of not having  two-way radio communication with the Estonian air traffic service.

It was the first reported violation of Estonia’s airspace by Russian aircraft this year.

Last year, Russia carried out five incursions of Estonia’s air space.


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