PM gets on with delivering bold Brexit benefits as he announces new bill to fuel economy

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The PM told dock workers in Tilbury, Essex, the Brexit Freedoms Bill will help secure more investment and fuel a rebounding economy. He said: “There are things we can do differently and in a way that will encourage business to invest more.

“In all the areas where the UK is strong – cyber, artificial intelligence, all the cutting-edge technologies of the future – we are going to make sure we do things differently and better, where appropriate.

“We won’t diverge for the sake of it but are going to make sure that this is the number one place to do business and invest, because of the freedoms we have.”

Tilbury is one of eight freeports.A key part of a post-Brexit UK, they are designed to help increase manufacturing and encourage jobs and investment in areas that would otherwise struggle to attract them.

Mr Johnson said in a bullish foreword to the Government’s Benefits Of Brexit paper that the UK must not sit passively outside the European Union but seize “incredible opportunities” that freedom presents.

He added: “That historic night two years ago marked not the final page of the story, but the start of a whole new chapter for our country.

“This paper sets out how we’ll go about it. Untangling ourselves from 40 years of EU membership, keeping what works, changing what doesn’t.

Committed “Supporting new industries, reinvigorating older ones and firmly planting the British flag on the world stage once again.This is a hugely exciting time.The bolder we are, the greater the gains will be for us all.”

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The Benefits Of Brexit paper, published yesterday to mark the second anniversary of the UK’s split from Brussels, sets out how ministers hope to target £1billion of savings by making changes to inherited European Union regulations. It says: “We want to take steps to ensure our existing stock of regulation is proportionate, not imposing unnecessary costs on businesses and benefiting the economy as a whole.

“We remain committed to reducing the burden of retained EU law.We are therefore announcing a target to cut £1billion of business costs from retained EU red tape.” The 102-page document also lays out how the UK will forge new rules, pledging to “use our new freedom to act quickly and nimbly” in a bid to create “better markets”.

Other changes, including digitising trade documents, are proposed to save billions of pounds for firms. But Robert Colvile, director of the Centre for Policy Studies, has called for more detail, saying: “The £1billion target for cutting post-Brexit regulation is headline-grabbing but relatively unambitious.

“We need more detail on what will replace the current system of regulatory budgeting and business impact targets, which are due to expire.

“The regulation agenda needs a strong and dedicated champion at the centre of Whitehall, with the power to hold others’ feet to the fire.”

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