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Meghan Markle fans attack Prince William over ‘hypocritical’ BAFTA appearance

Meghan Markle fans have attacked Prince William on Twitter over what they deem to be a hypocritical visit to BAFTA's headquarters.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts will be re-opening its headquarters and the Duke of Cambridge, who is the academy's President, is set to visit the new building on Thursday.

According to a Kensington Palace announcement: "The newly refurbished building will help to significantly increase the support BAFTA provides to young people building careers in the film, games and television industries.

"The new BAFTA headquarters will support over 80,000 people to develop careers in the creative arts industry and provide opportunities to expand BAFTA's learning programmes throughout the UK and globally."

Harper's Bazaar royal editor at large, Omid Scobie, took to Twitter to share the news of Prince William's engagement with his followers, but some weren't too pleased.

One wrote: "What a joke. His sister-in-law is an actress and look at what he did to her," while another claimed: "Doesn't he hate 'The Actress'? SMH".

A third added: "Young people? I’m sure they would prefer to meet someone else", while a fourth tweeted: "Hard days work then."

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Other Twitter users were quick to support the Duke's visit, however, with one writing: "Fantastic! William’s leadership at BAFTA is so important for supporting young people pursuing careers in the arts."

A second tweeted: "Wonderful, so Happy that a re-opening will increase the support, it's a wonderful program… Prince William will support and help, it's very much needed for the young people."

Another said: "Wow. Such hatred already this morning. It seems the Sussex squad doesn't understand that William is the President of BAFTA. A position he's held for several years. Might behove you to put a little knowledge into your tweets so that your fans don't look so silly."

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