You sure Mark? Drakeford gives himself big promotion in hilarious speech blunder

Mark Drakeford calls himself 'Prime Minister of Wales'

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Wales’s First Minister made the blunder when responding to BBC reporter Mark Hutchings on the Welsh Government’s timeframe for lifting Covid restrictions at a press conference on Friday. Mark Drakeford refused to set a date for lifting restrictions after England eased all Plan B measures this week. 

Mr Hutchings asked: “Will you set the date for all Covid related restrictions including mask-wearing, self-isolation, Covid passes, all that sort of thing to be lifted given what England is now doing?”

“No, Rob I won’t,” replied the First Minister of Wales. 

“Because I’m the Prime Minister of Wales, not a horoscope writer for a daily newspaper.”

Mr Drakeford continued: “And it’s simply impossible for anybody to peer into the future of coronavirus with the sort of definiteness you were suggesting.”

It came as Mr Drakeford announced Wales has passed the peak of the Omicron variant and Office.

The latest National Statistics figures estimate that levels of coronavirus are falling in Wales, England and Scotland.

Cases peaked in Wales at just over 2,300 per 100,000 people in early January before falling back to around 500 cases per 100,000 people.

Wales is set to move to alert level zero on January 28 unless the coronavirus situation deteriorates.

Drakeford discusses England’s Covid measures

Mr Drakeford told the press conference on Friday that the phased plan to gradually relax the alert level two measures will continue.

As the restrictions are eased, crowds are able to return to outdoor sporting events and limits are removed from taking part in outdoor activities.

The rule of six and social distancing will be removed from outdoor hospitality.

Self-isolation rules will remain in place, as will mask-wearing in most public indoor places, and Covid passes will continue to be used.


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Andrew RT Davies, the Welsh Conservative Senedd leader, has accused Mr Drakeford of politicising the debate on restrictions.

“Mr Drakeford’s claim that he follows the science doesn’t stand up to any sort of scrutiny either,” he said.

“If the Labour Government is so confident in its actions during the pandemic as it’s chosen such a different path to England, then they should submit themselves to the Wales-specific Covid inquiry that Mark Drakeford is currently blocking.

“What does he and his Labour ministers have to hide if, as he claims, they made all the right calls?”

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