‘These are regressive measures’ Thornberry skewered as Labour policy flaws blown wide open

Emily Thornberry slams Boris Johnson party defence

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Emily Thornberry was put on the spot after confirming the Labour Party is continuing to push against plans for an increase in National Insurance as well for the scrapping of VAT on energy bills. Sky News host Trevor Phillips admitted to being “puzzled” by the move as he noted the wealthiest members of British society would take on the burden of the cost as her party traditionally advocates. Mr Phillips said: “This is a bit puzzling.

“The Labour Party wants to stop a tax rise that, being the percentage of income, is by its nature, it’s the wealthiest and hardiest.

“You want to stop the VAT change.

“You also, by the way, want to keep the BBC license fee, which is a flat tax.

“All of these are regressive measures.”

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He added: “When did the Labour Party, the party of redistribution, become in favour of regressive taxation?”


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