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‘Remorseless’ toddler killer’s £9K Rolex shopping spree from cushy ensuite cell

A former bouncer jailed for murdering toddler Star Hobson showed no remorse for the murder or sadistic torture she put the little girl through during an interview from her cushy prison cell with a TV and ensuite.

Savannah Brockhill is serving a life sentence in HMP Styal, in Cheshire for her crimes – but appears to be living a cushy life behind bars.

According to her recent interview with The Daily Mail, she has her own room, with a TV, wardrobe, en-suite washing facilities, and a countryside view from her window.

She said: "It's situated around woods and stuff, so birds and squirrels come and it's nice to see. It's not inhumane."

She also claimed to have splashed £9,000 on diamond-encrusted Rolex watches for two of her young nephews.

The 28-year-old's remorseless behaviour comes after reports that she plans to appeal her conviction which has landed her a minimum term of 25 years inside, according to reports.

In December, Brockhill stood trial alongside her ex-partner and 16-month old Star's mum Frankie Smith, 20, who was convicted of allowing her daughter's death and jailed for just eight years.

The judge at the seven-week trial at Bradford Crown Court before Christmas had observed Star was "caught in the crossfire" of the narcissistic, on-off relationship between the couple who were supposed to be looking after her.

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The tot's "short life was marked by neglect, cruelty and injury", said Mrs Justice Lambert, addressing the two defendants sitting apart in the dock.

Star died after Brockhill kicked or punched her in the stomach with all the force of a crashing car, according to a medical expert.

But in trying to save her life, doctors also found she had suffered other serious injuries, including fractures to the skull and ribs, and a twice-fractured leg.

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Brockhill and Smith would force the child to face the wall despite being so weak she could hardly stand while filming their abuse of her.

Brockhill put music to a clip of Star toppling off a chair and hitting her head and sending it to friends with the caption: "I've laughed so hard."

Under the early release system, Smith could be free by the time she's 24 – though the Attorney General has ordered a review of her sentence.

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