‘So it was a party?’ Dominic Raab caught out admitting to scandal ‘I wasn’t invited!’

Dominic Raab grilled by Burley on May 2020 party

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The Deputy Prime Minister slipped up as he insisited he “wasn’t invited” to the May 20, 2020 bash and attempted to rid himself of claims that the party was thrown for him. But Sky’s Kay Burley appeared to pull him up on his reference to it being a party stocked with drink as he desperately backtracked on his comments.

The Justice Secretary was asked if he was aware of “a drinking culture” within Number 10 when he was running the country for two weeks as the Prime Minister lay in intensive care with COVID-19.

Mr Raab replied: “No. The one thing I will say is that people were working extremely long hours, so it doesn’t surprise me if people, as you see in other walks of life, had a glass of wine or beer after a very long week.”

Probed on whether that is “against the rules’ Mr Raab insisted it was not if “in a work setting”.

He added: “I tell something… there was speculation that the 20th of May party was held in my honour to thank me.”

But Ms Burley immediately pounced on Mr Raab’s description of the event as a party as she demanded “so it was a party?”.

She hammered: “You referred to it as the 20th May party!”

But the deputy Prime Minister insisted: “It is nonsense!

“I wasn’t invited and I didn’t attend! So I don’t think anyone is accusing me of that.”

More to follow..

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