Boris Johnson LIVE: ‘Net closes further’ as No10 panics over new Cummings bombshell

Dominic Cummings on plan to 'get rid' of Boris Johnson

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Mr Cummings yesterday tweeted: “There’s a great Russian proverb in Conquest’s The Great Terror that pops into my head regularly watching No10 press office transmit [trolley emoji] stream of lies: ‘He lies like an eyewitness.” Mr Cummings has taken to calling Mr Johnson “a trolley”, in the belief he is “smashing from one side of the aisle to the other”. Analyst, Mujtaba Rahman responded: “The net closes further.” Mr Rahman thinks No10’s latest denials will be taken on by Mr Cummings’ next blog. As civil service investigator Sue Gray concludes her report into “partygate”, the Tories anxiously commence their week, anticipating if further bombshells will be dropped by the press or not. Andrew Pierce, GB News anchor, thinks Mr Cummings “will not rest” until the Prime Minister and his wife, Carrie Johnson, have left.


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