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‘Meghan’s stare at mum shows frustration at being interrupted’, expert says

Meghan Markle’s “stare” at her mother Doria Ragland after being interrupted shows her “frustration”, a body language expert has claimed.

Meghan’s fall-out with her father Thomas Markle has been well publicised, with the former actress reportedly refusing to invite him to her wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018.

However, there has been less attention on the Duchess of Sussex's relationship with her mother, who one expert has claimed has been offering “calm support” to her.

Now, a body language expert has examined footage of an event hosted at Kensington Palace in September 2018, attended by Meghan and Doria.

And, speaking on his YouTube channel, ‘The Body Language Guy’, Jesus Enrique Rosas claimed to have spotted a sign of Meghan’s “frustration”.

“At first, Meghan’s face is quite relaxed,” he began, showing footage of the Duchess interacting with guests.

“There is no tension in her eyebrows or her mouth, she is just talking and using certain hand gestures to emphasise her words.”

However, Jesus observed that, at one moment, Meghan began to clasp her hands, and suggested that this is usually a signal that the speaker is about to finish their idea.

Jesus then theorised that having seen this, Doria began to speak, inadvertently interrupting her daughter.

“If you pay attention to her fingers, you can see that she was about to say something else; her fingers are unclasping and then they go stiff,” he continued.

“That’s a signal of a lot of tension that you are trying to release with your hands.”

The body language expert then examined Meghan’s facial expressions, noting: “There are three signals happening at the same time.

“She is opening her eyes just a bit wider, at the same time she is pushing her jaw forwards; what is called a chin jut, which is a very subtle display of anger.

“What gives Meghan’s emotions away is the shape of her mouth… her lips are pressed against each other and almost completely horizontal which is very hard to mimic. That’s a signal of frustration.

“And if you add concealed anger and the inner tension, you already have a very aggressive reaction in terms of body language.”

This comes as a palace insider has credited Meghan as being the inspiration behind Kate Middleton’s “newfound confidence”.

The Duchess of Cambridge released three new pictures to mark her 40th birthday, and the insider claimed that witnessing the successful and unique projects that Harry and Meghan had embarked on had inspired Kate to take more risks.

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