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Golfers in Australia in stitches when giant crab attacks with ‘chainsaw’ claws

Hilarious footage shows Australians howling with laughter as they watch a monstrous crab the size of a cat destroy their friend's golf clubs.

In the clip, filmed on Christmas Island, the golfers have just finished their sixth hole and found the Coconut crab, also known as a robber crab, trying to pinch the clubs of their mate Alan.

Laughing while narrating the video, Paul Buhner says: "And that’s why we call them a robber crab."

He adds: "Alright mate what are you stealing? And we have not put this [crab] here, this has climbed up here while we’ve been putting out.

"He’s got a bloody good grip on it – look at that."

Paul then jokes to his mate: "It's your bag, it's your problem. Good luck with that. Bye Alan!"

He then films his friend trying to extract the giant crab from his golf clubs, only to discover one of them has been shorn in half by the huge animal.

"Al might lose a finger here, and that would be hilarious," Paul jokes.

He then gasps for breath in between his laughter as they find the destroyed golf club and Paul says the crab has gone through it "like a chainsaw".

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Alan then tried to pry the crab from the covering of one of his golf clubs, but it won't let go.

Paul says: "He's stubborn eh? You know what, just let him have it, mate.

"He's won the victory – he’s beaten us."

The pair reckon the crab must be over 60 years old to have reached such an impressive size.

Although it was filmed in October 2020, the clip has only just gone viral in January 2022 after Paul's son shared it with a friend and it was uploaded on Reddit.

Paul told NCA NewsWire on Monday (January 3) that the original footage was "much funnier" but he can "understand the need to edit out some of the colourful language".

The largest coconut crabs can reach a hefty 4.1 kg (9 lb) and span just over 1m (3ft) from one leg tip to the other.

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