David Cameron red-faced after being caught out by Adam Boulton in dig at Boris

David Cameron discusses Boris Johnson and the media

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David Cameron was left red-in-the-face after Sky News presenter Adam Boulton recalled that he regularly evaded press conferences and turned down innumerable interview requests during his six-year-long stint as Prime Minister. Mr Cameron appeared to take aim at Mr Johnson, alluding to his inaccessibility when it comes to conducting interviews with the media. But Mr Boulton was quick to point out that he wasn’t the biggest admirer of the media himself during his 2255 days in power at Number 10 in Downing Street. 

Mr Cameron was Britain’s Prime Minister between May 2010 and June 2016 and stepped down after the UK voted to leave the EU and was subsequently replaced by Theresa May.

And he didn’t exactly wax lyrical about Mr Johnson, hinting that he “can get away” with literally anything he wants and suggesting that he deliberately recruited professional photographers so that he can “bypass” the media.

In an interview for his new documentary feral Beasts with Sky News he called out Mr Johnson for ignoring Britain’s most popular outlets and boasted of his availability to the media back in the day, although he acknowledged that that did not happen very often.

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He said: “Boris has always been able to get away with things that mere mortals can’t seem to. But look I think you shouldn’t do this to bypass the media.

“Whether it’s press conferences, interviews or media this is important.

“And I always did.

“Yes, the press conferences were rather infrequent, but I never held back from going on the Today programme and coming on your show.

David Cameron discusses Boris Johnson and the media

“We were always available and keen to engage and answer questions!”

Having been a Prime Minister himself, Mr Cameron is well-placed to understand the intricate nature of the job and to know that Mr Johnson is snowed under with work, with little time available to do interviews on a regular basis.

Mr Johnson and his government famously boycott BBC Radio 4’s Today programme because they loathe the presenters’ questions.

But he urged Mr Johnson, who many describe as “enigmatic”, to at least take his time to talk to the country’s most powerful media outlets.


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He said: “Not every day because he’s got a country to run.

“But I think the important interviews, whether it’s the BBC, Sunday Morning programme or the Today programme, Sky news, TV debates.

“These are important that I never sought to avoid.”

Mr Cameron reminded listeners that Mr Johnson has his own photographers in place to escape the media although he himself attempted to hire photographer David Parsons 2010 before a political outcry obliged to perform a U-turn.

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