Brexit LIVE: Britons to be hammered by new EU rules in 2022 – bloc to demand extra cash

Brexit minister Lord Frost resigns from Cabinet

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The European Travel and Information and Authorisation Scheme (ETIAS) enables citizens from 61 countries outside of the EU to visit the Schengen area with travel pre-authorisation But the European Commission has confirmed the UK will be part of ETIAS from late 2022, meaning travellers will have to pay a €7 visa fee for access to all 26 Schengen EU countries from 2022. When this pre-authorisation has been approved, British passport holders will be able to remain in Europe for up to 90 days.


The Schengen area states that will see Brits pay €7 to enter form late 2022

The EU has said the visa fee and pre-registration of details of all British travellers will apply to any trips to all Schengen area states, plus the non-Schengen micro-states of Andorra and Monaco.

The Schengen Area is an area comprising 26 European countries that have officially abolished all passport and other types of border control at their mutual borders.

The ETIAS requirements will therefore be in place for Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, San Marino, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Malta, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland Vatican City.

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