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Sends VDL clear message! Britons praise Liz Truss appointment to Frost’s Brexit post

Liz Truss: Backbenchers see as ‘safe pair of hands’ says expert

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Over the weekend, in a blow to Boris Johnson, Lord Frost quit his post as Brexit minister, citing the “current direction of travel” of the Government as his reasoning. Following the dramatic resignation, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss was drafted in to take over negotiations with the EU on the Northern Ireland protocol.

Her appointment was confirmed by Number 10, noting that Ms Truss will now become the UK’s co-chair of the Partnership Council and the Joint Committee.

In addition to her new position, Ms Truss will also continue to hold her existing responsibilities as Foreign Secretary and minister for women and equalities.

A spokesman for Number 10 said: “Truss will take over ministerial responsibility for the UK’s relationship with the European Union with immediate effect and will lead the ongoing negotiations to resolve the problems arising from the current operation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.”

Many Britons praised her takeover and one reader even claimed that the appointment of the Foreign Secretary sends a clear message to Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

The reader pointed to Ms Truss’s switch to being pro-Brexit following the 2016 referendum, after which she has since stood behind the UK’s exit from the EU.

‘QualityCounts’ wrote: “Perfect person for the job. Voted for an EU referendum

“Voted 18 times against the UK being a member of the EU

“Voted 62 times against UK’s further integration with the EU.

“Voted 15 times against a right to remain for EU Nationals.

“This will send a clear message to Von der Leyen.”

The sentiment that Liz Truss was the “perfect person for the job” was echoed by other readers, including ‘Peter Graham Lancashire’ who wrote: “A wise choice by Johnson. He was big enough not to see her as a competitor.”

While ‘David e’ shared his support, simply writing: “Go girl”, and ‘janehubble’ added: “You go girl!!! Give them both barrels.”

Oher readers also said that her experience as Foreign Secretary, and talking to foreign governments, means she is well equipped for the job.

‘RichOn’ wrote: “Liz delivered the trade deal all the moaners said was impossible, she will deliver yet again in her new remit.”

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And ‘broadbeans’ added: “Could not think of anyone better than wonder woman Ms Truss to take over D.F. position.

“She has proved she is a gd negotiator and has succeeded in many great deals for our country.”

The 46-year-old is popular among the Conservative Party and has been previously tipped as a potential future leader of the party.

Some readers including ‘ronfromyork’ claim this may have influenced the Prime Minister’s decision to appoint Ms Truss into the position.

They wrote: “Clever move by Johnson putting his competitor in the Brexit hot seat.”

While ‘Scenwani’ claimed the PM might have ulterior motives, writing: “Boris has thus eliminated a competitor. Liz can only lose with this.”

‘Think32’ added: “Very clever move by BJ. That’s the end of Truss as a leadership challenge.”

Her predecessor Lord Frost resigned from his position on Saturday, and will officially step down in January.

In his resignation letter, Lord Frost praised Mr Johnson’s work to remove Britain from the trading bloc but added: “Brexit is now secure. The challenge for the Government now is to deliver on the opportunities it gives us.”

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