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Twisted girl serial killer, 11, choked two boys to death then mutilated corpse

Mary Brown was 11-years-old when she was sentenced to life behind bars after being found guilty of the manslaughter of two small boys, aged four and three.

The 11-year-old strangled the boys to death and butchered one of them with scissors, mutilating his genitals.

Her first killing, when she was just ten years old, saw her strangle four-year-old Martin Brown in an upstairs bedroom of an abandoned building in Scotswood, England.

She left the scene and later returned with Norma Bell, a friend and neighbour, to find that the body of the young boy had already been found by three children who were playing in the area.

A local workman who had rushed to the scene after being alerted by the horrified children ushered the two girls out of the house – completely unaware that Mary was the killer revisiting her crime scene.

Official post-mortem results showed no signs of violence on the body and due to an empty bottle of tablets found in the house, authorities decided the cause of death was accidental ingestion.

One day after the murder, Mary Brown and Norma Bell broke into a nearby nursery and vandalised it with chilling messages admitting to the murder of Martin Brown.

Police found four terrifying notes in the premises, with two reading: "I murder SO That I may come back" and "WE did murder martain brown f**k off you b******d".

Two days later, the pair turned up at the family home of Martin Brown and asked his mum if they were able to see him.

After June Brown sadly told them he had died, Mary reportedly said: "Oh, I know he's dead; I want to see him in his coffin."

Ms Brown allegedly slammed the door in the girls' faces.

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Then, on the afternoon of 31 July 1968, Mary and Norma Bell were seen playing with three-year-old named Brian Howe out the front of his home.

When the young boy didn't return back later that day, his horrified relatives began to search the surrounding area before eventually finding his body between two large concrete blocks.

The coroner concluded that Brian had died from strangulation and claimed the killer had squeezed Brian's nostrils while gripping his throat at the same time.

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The three-year-old was found with punctures across his legs and with his genitals mutilated – a pair of scissors were found next to the body.

It was also noted that someone had attempted to cut an "M" into his stomach.

Investigators came to the conclusion that the small amount of force used to murder the child meant that it must have been another child who carried out the murder.

After interviewing hundreds of children on their whereabouts at the time of the boy's death – witness statements and the faulty alibis of Mary Brown and Norma Bell led investigators to conclude they were responsible.

11-year old Mary Bell was spotted by police standing and laughing outside the home of Brian Howe as the three-year-old was buried in a local cemetery on 7 August 1968.

DCI Dobson stated: "She stood there, laughing. Laughing and rubbing her hands. I thought, 'My God, I've got to bring her in. She'll do another one.'"

Both girls were charged that evening for the murder of Brian Howe.

In the trial, Mary Bell is heard to have strangled the two boys "solely for the pleasure and excitement of killing", BBC reported.

She was sentenced to life in prison for the manslaughter of the two boys, being found to have diminished responsibility at the time, making her not guilty of murder.

Mary, her mother and grandmother all wept as the verdict was read out.

Norma Bell, aged 13, was acquitted on all charges.

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Mary was described as extremely dangerous in court and Mr Justice Cusack said there was a "very grave risk to other children if she is not closely watched".

Bell was released from prison at the age of 23 in May 1980 and granted lifelong anonymity.

She gave birth to her only daughter just four years after being released.

Her true identity was kept secret from her child for fourteen years until reporters discovered their whereabouts in a remote town on the Sussex coast in 1998.

The media storm that erupted meant Bell and her daughter had to be taken to a safe house by undercover officers, before being relocated to a different part of the country.

The child killer is now living her life somewhere in the UK, under a different name and identity.

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