‘Europhile Biden wants Brexit and Boris to fail’ Fury erupts as President snubs UK

Biden axes trade tariffs to EU in gushing speech '

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The US President offered to suspend steel tariffs on imports from Japan this week but has offered to do no such thing for the UK. Tariffs were imposed by former President Donald Trump while Britain was still an EU member.

While the US, under Mr Biden, has since offered to suspend the measures not just for Japan but also for the EU, they remain in place in Britain and there are currently no plans for them to be removed.

Mr Biden’s failure to offer a tariff truce is not due to a lack of demand from the UK.

Last week, Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan said while visiting the US: “I am very keen that we solve this with what is our closest ally in the US through a positive removal.”

Express.co.uk readers made their views clear, with a prevailing theme emerging that Mr Biden is purposefully punishing Britain because he wants Brexit to fail.

“He is an incompetent and dangerous world leader.”

Bogeyscout asked: “Why is anyone surprised?

“Biden has always hated Brexit and the UK.”

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They added that “nothing that benefits Britain will get done” until Mr Biden leaves office, a sentiment shared by countless other commenters.

Stars1 wrote: “The sooner Biden is out of the game the better.”

Reports suggest that Mr Biden is punishing the UK over post-Brexit negotiations on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

But a Department for International Trade source has insisted that these negotiations should not alter the President’s willingness to offer tariff suspensions.

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They said: “We do not see any connection with this particular issue and the Northern Ireland Protocol and it will in no way affect the UK’s approach.

“That is because significant changes are needed to the Protocol in order to protect the Belfast [Good Friday] Agreement and Northern Ireland’s place in the UK internal market.”

Themanfromtharl was more severe in their remarks, suggesting that “Biden should keep out of things that don’t concern him.”

They asked: “What right has he got to tell the UK what it can or can’t do?”

Amid talk of buying and producing British goods, DaemonStorm suggested: “The best way to hit back would be to use good old British inventiveness to create a better type of steel and then refuse to sell it to the US.”

They added: “I would like that.” Mr Biden, on the other hand, would not.

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