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Christmas weather forecast: Big freeze to hit in ‘wintry’ festive period – potential SNOW

BBC Weather: Settled conditions forecast in lead up to Christmas

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Maps and charts have shown a build up of high-pressure around Christmas, with colder weather and snow expected.’s snow tracker for Christmas sees a mix of high pressure and low pressure from the Atlantic bringing “cold air”.

Forecasters said: “During recent updates we’ve been tracking the way that high pressure was expected to develop and then slowly drift north leading up to the Christmas period.

“That’s still set to happen, but on recent updates across a variety of forecasting models, that process has tended to accelerate.

“That means that by the time we get to Christmas Day, the high may be far enough out of the way to allow Atlantic systems to perhaps start to get involved again.

“We’re 10 days out, so it’s still too early to look at anything other than trends, but that scenario would have the potential bring snow for some – particularly the northern half of the UK.”

The forecaster then added that while “confidence is quite low in any particular outcome”, “some rain, sleet or snow is more likely than it was”.

They added however: “But, it’s definitely going to take a few more days at the very least to begin the process of honing in on the final forecast.”

From December 27 to January 2,’s forecast holds there is “potential for some snowfall”.

Their forecast read: “Confidence is lower for this period but there is a greater chance of colder weather heading in from the east at some point during this period as highest pressure transfers further north, most likely towards Scandinavia.

“So there is potential for some snowfalls, but not a certainty, as much depends on the specifics of the wind direction and the extent of cold air masses over the near continent.”

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, also told The Sun a “perfect recipe” of warm North Sea waters and a La Nina cooling of the Pacific after a placid autumn will be behind the unsettled weather.

Mr Dale told the outlet: “We are expecting one more major storm this month which will set the trend for coming months.

“We expect five to six storms to hit through the winter period which could be severe enough to warrant naming.”

Grahame Madge, from the Met Office, told while the lead up to Christmas is expected to see settled weather, more unsettled conditions could feature during and after the holidays.

He said: “Settled weather is expected to prevail across the UK in the run-up to Christmas, with rather a lot of cloud for many areas and temperatures slowly decreasing with time.

“Towards the end of next week, there is an increasing chance of more unsettled weather affecting the UK, with rain, and perhaps snow, possible for some places.

“However, there is a good deal of uncertainty so far ahead and it is too early to say exactly what will happen.”

Tyler Roys, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist, also told “The chances for snow the week of Christmas across the UK remains low, though, it will most likely feel like winter with temperatures near to slightly below normal for this time of the year – high temperatures in the single digits and low temperatures around 0C.

“Much of this week looks to be largely dry. The week after Christmas it is looking that temperatures will be near to slightly below normal.

“There are indications that there could be some precipitation around this week.

“Some of this given the temperatures mentioned two sentences ago could result in some snow, largely across Scotland, northern England and even parts of the Midlands and generally in the higher elevations.”

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