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Kate Middleton branded ‘work shy’ by expert over her royal engagements in 2021

A royal commentator has labelled Kate Middleton "work shy" as she calls out the Duchess for her relatively low number of royal engagements this year, claiming Kate's figures could affect "the chances of the monarchy lasting."

Daniela Elser made the remarks after highlighting the recent release of official work statistics which reveal the number of engagements each of the working members of the royal house have clocked up in 2021.

Kate only managed to reach 115 engagements while her husband William hit 232, which mean both of them have fallen behind Princess Anne who came in at the top with 368 engagements, including 13 in investitures.

Elser stressed the importance of the official numbers in her latest column for, and said they "reflect how hard, or not, an HRH has put their shoulder to the palace wheel".

"And while we have pondered a number of vexing questions about the royal family this year… one which has been largely overlooked is, are they good value?" she writes.

She claims the Duchess has come off "looking less-than-golden" and referenced how Kate's work ethic was frowned upon by the Queen in the early days of her becoming a royal.

She wrote: "While I don’t think there is a skerrick of doubt that she and William (but especially her) ‘won’ the pandemic, doing a bang up job Zooming with enough Blitz-era pep to power Brixton, today’s numbers cast something of a pall over the question of her work ethic.

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"In contrast to her aunt-in-law, and owner of the UK’s largest collection of mustard serge suits, Anne, it is impossible not to conclude that Kate comes out of this looking a tad … work shy."

The expert referenced how the figure of $2.40 [ £1.81 ] represents how much the royal family "costs" each person every year and pointed out that the Cambridges combined engagements equalled to 347 – which means their "rate" came in at $11,988 [ £9,041.53] per outing.

"And that is a huge problem if you happen to either be the Duke or Duchess or anyone interested in the house of Windsor enduring to limp its way into the 22nd century," she said.

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"The key criticism, lobbed with frequent and combative delight, by Fleet Street in the early days of the couple’s marriage was that they were essentially lazy."

Elser highlighted that William and Kate only became full-time working members of the royal family in 2017 and said that the pair had convinced the Queen to let them spend time as a family in Norfolk.

The royal expert said that since then, the pair have become the "shining, great hopes of the royal family" and said that their public appeal is "fundamental to The Firm surviving."

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Elser added: "Buckingham Palace desperately needs the Cambridges to be held with some degree of respect by the masses and for the couple’s vision of the royal family – as an engaged and tentatively activist force – to win widespread approval.

"Which is why, anything that introduces even the vaguest suggestion that they might be overpaid part-timers is inherently dangerous. Anything that dings or tarnishes the Cambridges’ reputation is, in effect, dinging the chances of the monarchy lasting."

The Palace has been contacted for comment.

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