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Good Samaritan saves monkey with mouth-to-mouth after it’s attacked by wild dogs

A good Samaritan was praised for saving an injured monkey's life by giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Video taken by villagers shows the animal lying unconscious on the ground as local man, who is known as M Prabhu, rushes to perform first aid.

The eight-month-old macaque was allegedly attacked by a pack of wild dogs in the state of Tamil Nadu, south India, on Thursday (December 9).

Prabhu is seen doing chest compressions on the animal and locking his lips with it in a desperate bid to bring it back to life.

After a few minutes of continuous effort, the monkey appears to regain conscious and is breathing faintly in Prabhu's arms.

The villager looks relieved and he later takes the baby monkey to a veterinary hospital.

"We were on the Perambalur-Ariyalur road, when her condition deteriorated," he said. "I was worried about her condition and decided to take her to a hospital after she did not drink water.

"I am lucky to be there on time and rescue the monkey."

The monkey was given glucose and a vaccine in hospital and is now recovering.

Prabhu said he learned first aid back in 2010 – and was "elated" he had been able to put it to use.

"I request everyone to be kind to animals including wild ones," he added. "If possible feed them."

The veterinarians have not yet established if the monkey was attacked by rabid dogs and if so, it could put Prabhu at risk.

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