‘Sorry, again!’ Hancock squirms as Peston grills ex-health secretary over snog scandal

Matt Hancock squirms as Peston grills over snogging scandal

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Matt Hancock appeared on ITV’s Peston and was interrogated over the details of his affair being made public last June in the first interview he has given on the scandal. Host Robert Peston wanted to know why he did not step down sooner when the news broke and wanted to know what Boris Johnson had said to him following the news. Mr Hancock defiantly refused and felt the pressure as he repeatedly apologised for his actions and revealed his future plans.

Speaking on ITV’s Peston, Mr Hancock was grilled over the circumstances of his resignation after footage was published by The Sun which showed him kissing Gina Coladangelo and breaching social distancing rules.

Mr Hancock initially resisted calls to resign but after speaking with Prime Minister Boris Johnson he soon stepped down.

Mr Peston wanted to know the thought process behind the resignation and asked: “Now we’ve got to talk to you about the circumstances of your resignation.

“You admitted as soon as the story about your contact with your aide was published that you’d breached social distancing rules, but you started off by just apologising, you didn’t resign.

“Why didn’t you resign on the spot? These were rules that you’d written, you knew what they were, you knew you’d broken them, why didn’t you quit?”

A solemn Mr Hancock replied: “Well as you can imagine the first thing that I had to, that I focused on was my personal life and when I focused on my professional responsibilities, I decided that I had to resign and that’s what I did…”

Mr Peston interrupted and said it took 24 hours before Mr Hancock stepped down when it should have taken “two minutes”.

Mr Hancock continued: “Well, I had, I’d blown up every part of my life and I concentrated on my personal life first as you can probably imagine.”

Matt Hancock heckled whilst giving statement in Parliament

The ITV political editor wanted to know if Mr Hancock was surprised he was not sacked to which he said he would not get into the details of the conversations he had with the Prime Minister.

Mr Hancock concluded: “Well, I made the decision, it was clearly the right decision and I just say sorry again for the failure of, I let a lot of people down and sorry to the people who I hurt.”

Later on in his interview, Mr Peston wanted to know whether he would try and return to the frontbenches in the future.

The now backbencher said he was enjoying being there and was “not in any hurry” to return to government.

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Mr Hancock also clashed with Labour’s Jess Phillips after he was grilled over government coronavirus contracts.

He claimed he had “no connection” with a £40million contract and Hinpack Limited, owned by one of his constituents.

Ms Phillips was not impressed by the answer and replied: “What an absolute load of rubbish.

“Did anyone else’s friends get a contract? Mine didn’t, none of my friends are on those lists.”

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