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Horrified woman finds dead baby in bag of meat a church pal asked her to freeze

A housewife has discovered that the "meat" she had been storing in her freezer for a fellow parishioner was in fact a dead baby.

Susy Costa, 56, had stored the package in her freezer for a year before she looked inside to see its horrific contents.

She was asked to keep the bag refrigerated by a young woman from her local church, who assured her it was a bag of meat over their infrequent exchanges on WhatsApp.

When the housewife asked if she could dispose of the meat, the woman reportedly told her she still wanted it and was planning to collect it.

The property where the baby's remains were stored is in the city of Belo Horizonte in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

The housewife looked inside the bag when she was defrosting the freezer on Tuesday night, 30th November, whereupon she discovered a human foot.

She called the police immediately.

She told the cops that the person who had asked her to store it was a woman she used to see from time to time named Grazi, though she did not know her surname.

On one of the last occasions they met, the unidentified woman had handed her a wrapped-up piece of "meat" and asked her to keep it in her freezer for her.

Susy's sister, cleaning maid Simonia Salgueiro, told the news portal G1: "She said 'keep this meat for me, I'll give it to someone'.

"My sister said she would keep it, and after that, she disappeared. They only kept in touch through WhatsApp.

"My sister said she was going to throw the meat outside, but she wouldn't allow it, telling her she would come to fetch it."

The only other thing Susy knew about the young woman was that she was apparently pregnant with her boyfriend's baby and had tried to disguise her pregnant belly using a belt.

It is believed that the baby in the bag was the woman's newborn, which she had wrapped up in plastic bags before handing it to the housewife, telling her it was "meat" and asking her to keep it in her freezer, according to G1.

Police who were called later confirmed that the body belonged to a baby girl. It was then taken to the coroner's office for a post-mortem.

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There has been no update on the whereabouts of the woman who had asked the housewife not to dispose of the "meat".

The police have registered the case as "concealment of a corpse" and will now investigate whether other crimes, such as forced abortion or murder, took place.

The crime of concealment of a corpse carries a punishment of one to three years in prison.

The investigation is ongoing.

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