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Donald Trump is going to ‘stroll back into West Wing’ after Biden ‘disaster’

Donald Trump will 'stroll back into' White House says expert

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GB News Dan Wooton spoke with Former Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States Sebastian Gorka to discuss the possibility of Donald Trump’s return to office after his interview with Nigel Farage last night. The former US president, 75, said he is getting “the biggest crowds I’ve ever had” at rallies but did not explicitly say whether or not he would run for election in 2024. In a wide-ranging interview with former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on GB News, Mr Trump said he loves America and brought it to “a level it’s never seen before” during his presidency.

Mr Gorka told GB News: “I saw the President before I went to New York before I went to see him I told everyone on my radio show I give it a 95 percent chance that he is running.

“There is only one thing that will stop him if we don’t crush the Democrats in the midterm elections next year.

“He can’t be at the mercy of impeachment again, he has to have the house and the Senate behind him.”

“But if you look at the disastrous last eleven months of the Biden administration we will take the Senate.” 

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Discussing the Republican parties plans if Trump was to get back into politics again Mr Gorka said: “We will take the house and then as far as I’m concerned my old boss is going to stroll back into the West Wing.”

Former aides to Trump have been coming on GB News to speak to Dan Wootton about the possibility of a return.

Last week Rudy Giuliani spoke positively of such action to Mr Wootton on GB News, Mr Giuliani said: “If you look at the polls in all of the swing states he’s well ahead of President Biden in a fantasy match-up.”

“Maybe I can help you this way if the election was held right now, right now today I have no doubt he’d run.

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“I don’t know if he’s telling you that, but I’m telling you that. I would say that assuming that he feels up to it.”

He added: “Right now he’s in tremendous health, assuming that the family is all ok with it, I would say that the odds are he will do it.”

“It’s not a hundred percent it is two years from now who knows what’s going to happen.”

Mr Farage said to Mr Trump last night: “But we’ve got the mid-terms coming up in less than a year. Are you going to be out on the campaign trail?”

Mr Trump replied: “Yes, I will. I’ll be helping a lot of people. We’ve been endorsing candidates, I’m 152 and 2, my endorsement, 152 wins and two losses. And those two losses were actually by people that were – the people that won were more Trump than I was, OK? So, they won.

“But what happened is, what’s happening is, everybody wants the endorsements, it’s become very important, the most important and the most powerful endorsement that our country has seen.

“So, I have an obligation to make sure the right people get in. And we have many, many people online. Actually, when I leave here, right now, I’ve got four candidates that want an endorsement.

“It’s a very important job, because we’re going to have a very big ’22, and I think we’re going to have an even bigger ’24.”

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