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Parents issue ‘don’t buy’ warning over ‘absolutely rubbish’ advent calendar

Parents have slammed an advent calendar for being nothing more than a bunch of "painted pebbles".

For many kids up and down the country, December 1 marks the first of 24 tiny doors to prise open each day in the hope of a treat inside.

The Christmas tradition spans generations but in recent years brands have jumped on the idea to flog far more than just chocolate.

Fashion designer Dior is selling a luxury advent calendar stashed with beauty products for a staggering £400.

To avoid disappointing their children, a handful of mums and dads have taken to testing out a new calendar before handing it over on the first of the month.

Those who have previewed the My Ore Specimen & Collection and the Ultimate Rock, Mineral and Fossil calendars – both made by Eelhoe – say they are relieved to have done so.

Despite being titled online as advent calendars, one of them only has 18 doors.

The first of the two products is being sold on Amazon for a snip at £1.99 but the second is listed at £9.80 having been slashed from £51.95.

Seller Bonnierdy advertises their contents as sensory toys which can "have serious therapeutic benefits for struggle with anxiety and autism ADHD , ADD."

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But instead of what appear to be gem stones and fossils pictured on the calendar, reviewers claim behind each door is a pebble covered in paint.

In addition to damning one out of five product ratings, customers over the past few months have not held back on sharing their views on it.

One wrote: "Alfull (sic) waste of money. Absolutely rubbish no doors no numbers just stones off some one drive way AVOID."

Another blasted: "A PILE OF SHAPED GLASS!!!

"Cannot blame this on the seller to start with but we bought this for our 8 year old rock fan for his advent calendar. Most of it is just shaped glass, nothing to say what each one is and certainly no fossils in there!

"We gave it to him already as the box arrived damaged and even he was gutted. I'd rather make a box and fill it with rocks and gems his nana gives him. Don't waste your money!!!"

Neither manufacturer Eelhoe or seller Bonnierdy could be contacted for comment on public reactions to their advent calendars.

Unfortunately for the respective companies no positive reviews have so far been published on Amazon.

A customer warned on September 13: "Its rubbish, dont buy its painted pebbles a stone from beach coloured glass and rest is what is ment to be clear quartz and not even 24 in the box waste of money."

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"Really disappointed with this. I opened the box as I could hear the stones had Come out of place, I’m glad I did because I won’t be giving this to my daughter, most of the items were painted/coloured glass," someone else said.

They continued: "I would warn others not to purchase, unless you wanted painted glass of course."

The final review described their purchase as a "waste of money".

"Waited a month for a tiny little box with 24 unnumbered doors on it. Cannot present this to my daughter as her advent calendar. Plus it’s unreturnable. Waste of money," a customer said on September 27.

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