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‘Eyesore’ £35m hotel slammed as ‘giant mirror’ that blinds drivers with sun

A new £35million new hotel has been described as a nightmare for motorists after its polished steel facade has turned into a “giant mirror”.

The 14-storey, 261-room Hotel La Tour in Milton Keynes – which claims to have “breathtaking views over Buckinghamshire" – has become an eyesore due to the futuristic covering on its outside.

Drivers have been taking photos to show how the low winter sun has been reflecting off the building, turning it into a giant mirror.

And now, calls are being made for an “anti-glare” coating to be added to it, according to The Mirror.

Local resident Amanda Owen wrote, on social media: “Anybody else being blinded by the new hotel in the mornings, between Neath Hill and Linford Wood?

“Don't think the architects took into consideration the potential effects that a giant mirror could have a mile away."

“It just means you have an extra glare to deal with.

“Putting your sun visor down doesn't help.”

And one other resident called it an “accident waiting to happen”.

Neil Dallison said: “Bloody eyesore without the glare, the glare just makes it worse.”

The building was designed by PHP Architects.

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A spokesman for the company told Buckinghamshire Live that they would “consider the complaints”, but has yet to explain exactly what will be done about it.

He said: “After an extensive planning process, as well as public consultations and workshops, the exterior was developed to incorporate a polished stainless-steel facade to reference other iconic Milton Keynes buildings such as The Point, Centre:MK shopping mall and Milton Keynes Central Station, as well as features seen in Campbell Park.

“Hotel La Tour's facade is not designed in this way and in contrast has a vertical facade with flat cladding panels.

“However, we always consider all local feedback and will be looking into the comments further.”

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