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Abandoned cars and trucks taken back by nature as trees grow through engines

Eventually, everything goes back to the Earth – even if they don't seem like they could.

A Facebook page, aptly named 'Abandoned Beauties' shared images of abandoned cars and trucks that have been reclaimed by nature as they have become more like plant pots than their original purpose.

The striking images taken by urban explorers was simply captioned "wow" – and wow, indeed.

Around 18 images were posted online showing trees and plants twisting and turning through the vehicle's engine.

One image even shows the trunk of a tree sprouting from the headlights of a classic American car.

Many fans were left entranced by the images, with some users saying they were "outstanding photos."

One user wrote: "Those are so cool! Great pictures!"

Another joked: "That’s the newest type of tree. The car tree. Pops up in fields sometimes."

"These pictures are awesome. Something I surely don't see anywhere I go," a third commented.

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A fourth simply said: "Nature finds a way."

However, not everyone was happy at the sight as some were more concerned about the impact these abandoned trucks will have on the environment.

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A user said: "Still junk. The landscapes would be much prettier without the crap and all the toxins they put in the soil as they degrade."

However, others seemed more concerned about the loss of the vehicle, as one added: "Awesome photos but the cars what a waste of badass cars and trucks."

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The news comes after urban explorers have uncovered a spooky house so completely abandoned that five old bangers had been left to rust parked up outside.

Eerie pictures of the building dubbed 'Norman's House' shows the Ford Fiesta xr2, Nissan Sunny, Vauxhall Vectra and Mini Mayfair being swallowed by the overgrowth of leaves outside the home perfectly that appears to be trapped in time.

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