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‘Pathetic’ paedo begs victims to forgive him after one ‘tried to jump off cliff’

A paedophile has been branded "pathetic" after begging forgiveness from two victims after wrecking their lives.

Adrian Ninnis, 56, of Polweath Road in Penzance appeared at Truro Crown Court on Friday for his sentence, having pleaded guilty to seven indecent assault charges in West Cornwall in the 1980s and 1990s.

He destroyed the lives of his victims to the extent that one was about to jump off a cliff before a chaplain turned up just in time, reports Cornwall Live.

Regarding the first victim, Ninnis rubbed his penis against his bottom and put his penis in his mouth before ejaculating into his hand.

The second victim had her vagina digitally penetrated by Ninnis, as well as numerous other instances of sexual touching. He bought her cigarettes in an effort to groom her.

Both victims had victim impact statements read to the court.

The first victim described never having confidence in life and always feeling isolated and useless, as well as suffering depression. He went on to add that only the light of the chaplain on the cliffs that day stopped him taking his own life.

However, since Ninnis entered guilty pleas he said he has stopped drinking to mask the pain and has become a better person.

The second victim said she was “permanently scared” and started using drink and drugs aged 12 to block the abuse. She regularly thought she was better off dead and suffered anxiety and depression as a result. She added that she “felt dirty and like damaged goods”.

Representing Ninnis, Piers Norsworthy said: “He wants to say sorry for the hurt he has caused over the years and apologise for being in a state of denial.

“He hopes one day the victims will be able to forgive him. He presents as a pathetic figure and is genuinely remorseful. He had a very disturbing early life and was sexually abused by one of his mother’s partners. This had an inevitable impact on his emotional and social development.”

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Mr Norsworthy added that guilty pleas in such cases are exceedingly rare.

Sentencing Ninnis, Judge Robert Linford said: “The victim impact statements show how both complainants have been affected by the abuse and how it continues to affect their lives.

“When the abuse ended you got on with your life and seemingly forgot what you had done. The victims in this case have not been able to forget and get on with their lives and the shadow of this sexual abuse has continued to hang over them.”

Judge Linford then noted Ninnis’ mitigation and that the guilty pleas had prevented the victims having to relive the abuse in court.

Ninnis was jailed for 12 years, 10 custodial and two on extended licence. He was also made subject of a restraining order and sexual harm prevention order and must sign the sex offenders’ register for life.

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