‘Done everything in his power to punish us! ‘Macron’s ‘blistering hatred’ for UK shamed

Migrant crisis: France 'ridiculous' for cancelling meeting says MP

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Express.co.uk readers criticised Mr Macron following his decision to disinvite the UK to an emergency meeting on the issue. This came after at least 27 migrants died while attempting to cross the Channel to reach Britain earlier this week. Speaking about the crisis, one reader, Carole, said: “This is 100 percent his fault.

“His blistering hatred of this country seems to have unhinged him.

“In the past 22 months he has done everything in his power to punish Britain for daring to leave the EU.”

Another user MountErebus, agreed, writing: “It has been the EU’s inability to control their own borders that caused this problem in the first place.”

A third user, LiaH, added: “He needs to stop these migrants entering France in the first place – patrol his own borders!”

Meanwhile, a fourth user, JennifferGarcia, said: “As long as we are still dependent on France to stop the illegal crossings we are in trouble … we need to take control of our own borders.”

A fifth reader, Ian53 questioned: “How long is Brussels going to allow Macron to continue with his renegade actions?

“While the rest of the EU appear to be attempting to work with the UK to make Brexit work to some extent, Macron is going to bring the whole house of cards down trying to prove he’s a man.

“If we enact Article 16, the German carmakers, the French and Spanish farmers and the whole of EU based industry can blame a little Frenchman and a couple of hundred fishermen who were caught trying to cheat the system.”

In the emergency meeting on the issue earlier today French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that Britain must be “responsible” by making the country less attractive for migrants.

He said: “Britain must take its responsibility and limit its economic attractiveness.

“Britain left Europe, but not the world. We need to work seriously on these questions, without being held hostage by domestic British politics.”

He also said that Sunday’s meeting, to which UK Home Secretary Priti Patel was disinvited, was not “anti-English”.

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The French government withdrew their invitation to Home Secretary Priti Patel after Boris Johnson called on France to take back people who crossed the Channel to the UK in small boats.

Mr Johnson wrote a letter to Mr Macron on Thursday night setting out five steps to avoid a repeat of Wednesday’s tragedy.

But France hit out at the letter, which was sent publicly as a tweet in time for the front pages of UK newspapers.

French officials confirmed Mr Macron had not seen the letter before Johnson tweeted it.

Mr Darmanin described the letter as a “disappointment”.

He added: “Making it public made it even worse. I therefore need to cancel our meeting in Calais on Sunday.”

During a visit to Italy, Mr Macron also said he was “surprised by these methods, which are not serious”.

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