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Flat so tiny the toilet is in shower on sale for £250k

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The Internet, mainly social media, often mocks tiny London apartments that are on sale for extortionate prices.

But this extremely small apartment in Sydney, Australia, outdoes all of those, and has been described as “good value for money” by one estate agent.

The one-bedroom apartment, which comes in at just 17sqm in site, has an interesting bathroom feature that hasn't been seen in many other places.

For the toilet is located inside the shower. And we don't mean in the shower room, or close to the shower, or that it features in a wet room where there's no boundary between the shower and the rest of the room. We literally mean in the shower cubicle.

The property is located inside a newly-renovated 1935 Art Deco building in the Potts Point neighbourhood.

Despite the newly painted walls and sought-after art deco features – and a new kitchen – the bathroom is the talking point, as it lacks any kind of real space, thus the toilet has been shoved inside the shower cubicle.

This might actually be ideal for some who like a lazy start to the morning.

The kitchen includes, what has been described as “storage, hidden fridge and dishwasher”, although how “hidden” the fridge is considering how hidden the toilet is, is yet to be seen.

The house has no outside space, although there is a shared rooftop space.

And the lucky new owner gets the luxury of having a window in the bedroom.

To buy all of this (none) space, you'll need to part with a whopping £250,000 – the average price of a four-bedroom semi-detached house in Manchester, UK.

If you wanted to take the cheaper option, you can rent it for around £300 p/m, but it's not clear whether bills are also included in that.

Listing agent Silvia Vitale of Belle Property Potts Point said, of the property she has previously sold before: “The bedroom was actually the bathroom and the now bathroom was the kitchen.

“They moved the kitchen into the living area and have turned a studio into what is now a one-bedroom.

“It’s an amazing renovation that’s really embraced the tiny home concept.

“No matter how small the bedroom is, because it's a separate room and because there's a window in there, it can be classified as a one-bedroom.

“And that's why I'm saying it's the smallest one-bedder in Australia, because I haven't heard of any other one that is at this size.”

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