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UK snow warning: Met Office alert as 80mph jetstreak to spark chaos – 7cm of snow in HOURS

BBC Weather: Kirkwood forecasts snow showers

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Storm Arwen has been named by the Met Office, with an amber weather warning for northeast Scotland and England added to existing yellow warnings for Scotland, Northern Ireland and the west of England and Wales, as well as for much of the UK, on Saturday. A vicious “jetstreak” – a zone of stronger conditions within a jetstream – is travelling across Greenland and will drive a huge area of low pressure towards the UK that will provide “pretty lively weather through Friday into Saturday”. Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin has warned 80mph gale-force winds could batter some of the UK on Saturday, while snow could fall “almost anywhere from the Midlands northwards”.

In its latest update, the forecaster also warned Storm Arwen will bring snow to higher grounds on Scotland and Northern Ireland, while a yellow snow warning is in force for part of Scotland on Friday.

Sleet and snow is also possible over some lower ground in the UK later on Friday and into Saturday.

The latest weather maps from WXCHARTS show up to 7cm of snow falling in an area of North East Scotland on Friday evening, with some snowfall also forecast for North East England.

The snow becomes more widespread throughout England on Saturday, with as much as 7cm falling just north of Newcastle, and up to 3cm in surrounding areas as well as some snow in areas of North West England.

Met Office meteorologist Mr Deakin said: “This jetstreak drives an area of low pressure, with this arching position of the jet turning it into a vicious feature – isobars popping out and intensifying because of its interaction with the jetstream.

“That low will provide pretty lively weather through Friday into Saturday.

“Initially these weather fronts will bring wet and windy weather, sinking their way southwards but as the low drives down the north sea, notice that squeeze in the isobars on Friday evening across northern Britain.

“Lots of isobars covering the country on Saturday, so some very strong winds likely across all areas for a time on Saturday.

“On Saturday, a broader area covering most of the UK, with yellow warnings for gusts of 50-60mph. On coasts around North East England and Eastern Scotland, 70mph and perhaps 80mph in more exposed areas.”

The meteorologist added: “That isn’t the only thing giving us cause for concern because as that low sinks southwards, there is milder air tucked in but tucked in behind that is the dark blue colours, with the isobars pointing all the way up to the Atlantic.

“Very cold air sinks in behind that weather system and there could be some snowfall mixed in.

“Most of the snow will be over the hills but with dome intensity, this weather front could bring some snow at least temporarily down to lower levels. It could be almost anywhere from the Midlands northwards.”

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The Weather Outlook’s Brian Gaze warned this weekend is looking “very cold and wintry” as rain, sleet and snow could hammer parts of England and Wales on Saturday that could send temperatures plunging well below freezing.

Mr Gaze told “The weekend is looking very cold and wintry. Outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow are likely in parts of England and Wales during Saturday.

“Most of the snow will be over high ground, but there could be a temporary covering down to lower levels in a few places early on Saturday, perhaps locally in East Anglia.

“However, strong winds are the main concern with computer models suggesting gusts of 80mph are possible in exposed western and eastern coastal locations.

“Inland areas could see gusts of between 40mph and 60mph and combined with the low temperatures it will feel bitterly cold.

“In large parts of the north temperatures will struggle to climb much above 0C and even in the south when the wind chill is combined with maximum values of close to 5C it will feel bitterly cold – sub zero in fact!

“On Saturday night temperatures could widely dip below 0C in the south and as low as -10C in the Scottish glens.”

AccuWeather meteorologist Tony Zartman warned: “The greatest risk for substantial falls of snow will be for the highlands and uplands of Scotland and the north of England.

“This threat will begin on Friday in northern Scotland and will wind down early Saturday along the Pennines.

“Following this wintry blast, the weather throughout the region will continue to be unsettled right through next week, although not as cold overall as next few days.”

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