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BBC Weather: ‘Damaging’ 60mph winds to batter UK as transport disruption warnings issued

BBC Weather: UK set for cold and wintry showers

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Carol Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast the UK will continue to see bitterly cold starts to the day as temperatures hover in the single digits with mist and fog expected in some areas. However, 60mph winds in the north are expected which will lay the foundation for this weekend after the Met Office put in a yellow weather warning for wind. For most of the UK today, generally it will be a cloudy day with temperatures not reaching higher than 9C.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms Kirkwood revealed some parts of the UK will see early mist and fog with the north seeing aggressive winds as the day progresses.

She told the programme: “You know some of us are starting off on a chilly note, especially across the south and the southeast where there’s some frost.

“There’s also some patchy mist and fog here… but it is generally cloudy.

“As well as that, we’ve got some rain, our weather front, which is moving across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“It’s heading in the direction of Northern England and northwest Wales.

“Behind it, blustery showers, some of which will be wintry on higher ground.

“And ahead of it we will see some sunny intervals until we run into the far south, this is where we’ve got some patchy mist and fog, some of that just lifting into low cloud.

“Temperatures today, six to nine degrees so it’s going to feel cold if you’re just stepping out.”

Ms Kirkwood also warned winds could become “damaging” as Friday turns into Saturday, saying: “I want to give you a heads up. Friday night into Saturday morning, particularly, it’s looking like there’s a potential for damaging winds.”

The warning prompted BBC presenter John Kay to note: “We have been warned!”

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Ms Kirkwood then noted the strong winds in the north which is an omen for what is to come this weekend.

The Met Office has put in a yellow weather warning for the north of England and Scotland for Friday with nearly all of the UK under another wind weather warning on Saturday.

Ms Kirkwood continued: “Now the wind isn’t much of a feature during the day for most of us.

“But in the north, it is going to pick up as we go through the latter part of the day gusting as much as 60 miles an hour across the far north of Scotland.

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“Here too we will see a plethora of showers, some of those will be wintry, not just in the hills as we could see some in the low levels at times.

“Our weather front eventually makes it down into the south with just some spots of rain and drizzle on it.

“Now [Thursday], that will clear away, a lot of dry weather, a fair bit of sunshine to start with, but strong winds coming down the North Sea coastline and also in the West.

“It’s a cold northerly and the cloud is increasing through the day still with some wintry showers.”

In the Met Office warning, they say there will be some delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport with some damage to buildings expected.

They add there is also a small chance some roads and bridges will need to close due to the weather.

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