‘Do whatever it takes!’ Frost’s latest EU challenge backed to secure ‘complete freedom’

David Frost: EU sometimes appears to 'not want' UK success

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Issuing a keynote speech at the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) conference on Tuesday, Lord Frost insisted that Brexit would be a wasted opportunity if Britain simply copied the Europe Central Model from outside of the EU. The Brexit Minister is said to have channeled former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in his new challenge to the bloc.

Express.co.uk readers have hailed this approach as being not just appropriate but absolutely the right thing to do.

Oldbeany wrote: “Just do whatever it takes to get complete freedom from the EU.”

They added: “We can be friends and we can be partners but we cannot be subjects.”

Getahead echoed this sentiment, writing: “It is long past time we were completely free of the parasitic EU.”

Headlines have been dominated in recent months by the ongoing British-EU dispute over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Britain, led in negotiations by Lord Frost, is attempting to overhaul parts of the Protocol which it accuses the EU of policing too rigidly.

But many of our readers say negotiations have gone on for long enough and back Lord Frost to take more significant action.

‘TheSkipper’ wrote: “Brussels thinks they own Northern Ireland.

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“Frost has to do what he has to do but do it quickly.”

‘DaveVernon’ added: “Enough is enough. Stop having talks with these people and just initiate Article 16 NOW.

“We don’t want anything to do with these EU gangsters.”

Triggering Article 16 would allow for parts of the Protocol to be suspended if they are causing serious difficulties.

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EU commissioner Maros Sefcovic has warned that doing so would result in “serious consequences” for Britain.

Many argue that these consequences would be worth it in the end.

‘Cartimandua’ insists that we must simply “pull the plug on the EU”.

In his CPS conference speech, Lord Frost is said to have channeled Mrs Thatcher by saying: “If after Brexit all we do is import the European Central model, we will not succeed.

“We haven’t successfully rolled back the frontiers of the European Union, and Britain with Brexit, only to import in European model after all this time.”

Commentators have highlighted the similarity between these comments and those made by the former Prime Minister in a speech in 1988.

Talking to the College of Europe at the Belfry of Bruges, Belgium, Mrs Thatcher said: “We have not embarked on the business of throwing back the frontiers of state at home only to see a European superstate getting ready to exercise a new dominance from Brussels.”

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