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‘Depressing’ town Christmas tree isn’t even as big as ones at home

The saying goes that “size matters”.

Well, for the residents of Grimsby, that rings especially true after North East Lincolnshire Council unveiled a new Christmas Tree outside the town's Riverhead Square.

It measured a miserly 10ft – and has no decorations of any kind.

It is, basically, a bog-standard tree with a barrier around it.

According to Grimsby Live, the artificial – yes, it's not even real – pre-lit tree, which stands at 10ft (3 metres) tall, which is slightly taller than a red telephone box, has been placed at the edge of the vast square and surrounded by iron railings.

And locals are not happy.

Anne Jackson said: “This tree is underwhelming I have to say.

“It doesn't get me in the Christmas spirit what so ever."

And another local shopper, who was from Hull and did not give her name, said: “We're used to getting a big tree from Norway in Hull, this is much different, for the wrong reasons.

“I didn't even notice it as I walked past if I'm completely honest.”

And Grimsby resident Kelvin Clarke added: “It's a little under dressed isn't it?

“I would love to see it with more decorations, but I'm sure it looks good at night when it's lit up.

“It is a step in the right direction, but I'd want something a bit larger to kick off Christmas in the town, I didn't even realise it was there at first.”

Apparently, according to a council spokesman, another larger tree will be raised in the town centre on Monday, which has been paid for with a £1,000 voucher that the town won in a “Revive and Thrive” competition held two years ago.

We don't like to speculate here at the Daily Star, but if the bigger tree costs the vast majority of that £1,000, then it looks like this depressing tree was bought with the loose change.

North East Lincolnshire Council has been contacted by Grimsby Live for comment.

Have you ever been left disappointed by the size of something on Christmas Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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