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Fishermen fight off crocodile and drink urine to survive jungle after boat sinks

Two fishermen have managed to survive being stranded in a jungle after their boat terrifyingly sank leaving them to fight off an angry crocodile and drink their own urine for four days.

The two men, aged 32 and 33, were sailing along the Daly River in Northern Australia when their boat smashed into something under the water early Thursday morning (November 11).

In just seconds their boat sank and gave way in the water giving the terrified pair no chance to set off their emergency beacon, police have said.

This left the two men fighting for their lives for four days, The Mirror reports.

A dangerous encounter with an angry crocodile forced them to fight off its attacks, hurling objects at it to drive it away.

Police Superintendent Shaun Gill said the two men were "extremely lucky" to be alive.

Speaking at a press conference, Gill said: "I've been involved in this about 30 years and this is about as horrific as it gets."

To stay hydrated the men had to reluctantly drink their own urine.

"(It was) completely inhospitable," Nine News reports.

"The temperature was extreme. They had no water to drink to the point where they found bottles on the beach and tried to drink urine, and mix it with Berocca to try and get some taste, the only thing saving their lives."

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In a miraculous discovery, they were found on Monday by Shane Taylor who claimed he came across the pair looking " extremely happy to see us".

"(My) friend and I were just going for a fish towards the front of the Daly River and we noticed a swag that was washed up on the bank," he explained.

"We'd only gone another few Ks and saw the blokes, they were waving and obviously fairly agitated."

The men were taken to hospital for treatment after their snappy ordeal.

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