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Desperate shoppers left locked inside B&Q store after closing time

A pair of desperate shoppers had to flag members of the public for help after they were trapped inside a B&Q store over the weekend.

The pair were left in total embarrassment after they were locked inside the DIY store in Leicester on Saturday night.

The oblivious customers were spotted by onlookers after they waved for help in the shop windows at the Abbey Lane branch at 9pm.

Luckily for them, passers-by alerted the authorities after seeing the red-faced pair staring helplessly through the window, reports Leicester Live.

One onlooker, who was waiting for a taxi near the store after watching a firework display, said: "They were waving at us and trying to tell us they couldn't get out.

"My partner contacted the police but they told him they would contact B&Q security as it was out of hours. I hope the couple are ok."

While some people felt sorry for the unfortunate couple, others joked how they had managed to become trapped inside the store.

One person commented: "Locked inside a DIY shop. Straight to the grinders, then extension cables. Go to the exit via the gloves and goggles rack. Sorted."

Others asked why the pair didn't look for an emergency exit.

It was reported that staff at the store, which closes at 8pm six days a week, had failed to notice the pair were still inside despite the company processes that are in place.

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A witness said she has since complained to B&Q about their alarm systems, which she said "clearly needed to be updated" as they weren't set off by the pair locked inside.

A B&Q spokesperson said: "We have processes in place to ensure that stores are empty before closing.

"On Saturday evening, despite a store check and announcements, two customers remained inside the store.

"Our colleagues arrived on site to let the customers out within 15 minutes of being notified. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Daily Star has contacted B&Q for comment.

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