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UK cold weather forecast: Sub-zero -2C Arctic blast to grip Britain within DAYS – new maps

BBC Weather forecasts rain and winds across UK

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According to the latest WXCharts, temperatures are expected to plummet to sub-zero by midday on November 16. Wales, the south east and the north of England will are expected to see below zero temperatures.

Scotland and Northern Ireland will remain milder with temperatures set to be around 2C to 3C.

The Met Office said: “The unsettled weather picture continues mainly for northern England and Scotland with further spells of wet and windy weather at times.

“These will slowly spread southwards and weaken through Tuesday and into Wednesday.

“Conditions generally drier in the south with temperatures around then becoming above normal for the time of year.”

However, the mild weather in Scotland will dramatically change by November 22 as the temperatures are forecast to drop to -3C to -4C in the Scottish Highlands.

Scotland will receive the full brunt of the freezing temperatures will temperatures not expected to rise above 0C.

The freezing weather will continue down the rest of the country by 6am on November 22.

Newcastle and Manchester will record Baltic temperatures of -1C to -2C.

In London and the south east, the weather will be slightly warmer but will still not exceed 0C.

Writing on Netweather, forecaster Terry Scholey said that after a “fair” weekend for Guy Fawkes celebrations, things would take a turn for the worse.

WXCharts predicted three days in mid-November will see as much as 2.5cm of snowfall every single day consecutively.

The weather agency predicts the first flurries will hit from the early hours of November 16.

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On November 17, the weather agency predicts north of Manchester and North Wales will set the white stuff, with Inverness in Scotland still affected.

Small areas of Northern Ireland and a patch below Dublin may join in with seeing snowfall too.

The snow isn’t likely to stick around and may get washed away with the rain sweeping in from the Atlantic.

A spokesperson for the Met Office added: “Remaining changeable and autumnal particularly to the north through the start of this period as low-pressure systems dominate, where cloud and outbreaks of rain are most likely with the chance of persistent rain here, with occasional strong winds.

“Drier, brighter conditions are more likely in the southeast.

“There is an increasing risk of heavy, blustery showers in the north later in the period, whereas the driest and brightest weather is likely to be in the southeast of the UK, with rain spreading to some southeastern areas at times.

“Temperatures expected to remain around average throughout this period, although milder interludes may be prevalent at first, and colder interludes increasingly possible later, where some wintry conditions are possible over higher ground in the north, with a slight risk at lower levels.”

From Tuesday, the UK is bracing for tropical storm Wanda.

A US National Hurricane Centre map shows it is headed right for the country and it set to bring sustained winds.

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