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Asda guard knocked ‘knifeman’ out cold after he ‘threatened to kill shoppers’

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An Asda security guard says he knocked out a 'knifeman' who "threatened to kill shoppers" in a heroic day on the job – and has now gone into about the terrifying ordeal.

Danny Anderson, 32, insists "I was just doing my job" when he tackled the alleged attacker out cold before dragging him outside. He claims the man tried to enter the store with a blade.

Horrified shoppers at the shop in Shoeburyness, near Southend-on-Sea, Essex, watched the drama unfold after Danny received a call informing him that a man was threatening to stab customers, and also tried to steal someone's shopping outside.

Danny tore his hand open after landing the devastating punch on the man, in his 20s.

He took himself to the hospital to get checked over and given the all-clear he went back to the store to check on his colleagues and encouraged the manager to shut it down in case the man came back.

Speaking to the Sun, the father-of-three said: "He had made three threats to life. I just kept my calm. I am there to protect staff and shoppers and anyone in the store.

"Hundreds of customers were in the shop at the time. We were very busy and I just thought at the time, 'if I need to I can barricade the doors'.

"He came storming back in then threatened to shoot and stab me He clenched his hand and came towards me but I kept my calm to protect my colleagues and shoppers."

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Danny was only two hours into his shift which earns him £9-an-hour when the bloke "came at" him.

Reports say the alleged assailant had been thrown out of the shop twice before the incident on September 28.

The heroic doorman claims he was "just doing my job" when he took care of the situation but realised afterwards how it could have affected his family had he not successfully handled it.

He added: "I have three children – aged four, 10 and 11 – and all I thought was 'I have got to do what I have got to do'. It is not every day that someone threatens to stab you.

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"My first thought was, 'I can't take any chances. My kids did not come into my head until afterwards and it was only then I think how it could have gone.

"He threatened to kill my colleague and customers, it could have been me. I was just doing my job. Any man would have done the same thing."

His colleagues called the police and an ambulance, but the knifeman had already fled by the time they arrived.

Essex Police said officers are investigating the incident.

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A spokesman for the force said: "We were called to the Asda store in North Shoebury Road at 6.10 pm on September 28 to reports of a disturbance where a man in his 20s was assaulted."

An Asda spokesman said: "We do not tolerate violence in our stores and are investigating the incident in our Shoeburyness store as well as supporting the police fully with their enquiries.

"As this is an ongoing police investigation we cannot provide any further comment at this time."

Anyone with information should contact Essex Police quoting the crime reference number 42/212023/21.

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