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Paedo teacher who had sex with teen and sent nudes ‘working as tutor in jail’

A paedo teacher who was jailed for having sex with a 13-year-old student is reportedly working as a tutor while behind bars.

Brittany Zamora, 30, was jailed for 20 years for her crime and is also believed to have been grooming a second victim, promising to send him nudes and asking about his genitals.

Despite that, a prison system spokesperson told Law&Crime that she is spending her time in prison teaching her fellow inmates and that she personally asked for the assignment.

An internal review found she “met the requirements” for the job and her request was granted, working as a tutor from September 17 until October 14.

That same review also revealed that the 30-year-old has had "no disciplinary issues" while incarcerated, The Sun reports.

Prison officials say Zamora is at an all-women's facility, where no teacher or tutor is left alone without supervision.

She has previously held three back-to-back details as a kitchen helper.

Zamora was jailed after pleading guilty to sexual conduct with a minor, molestation of a child and public indecency.

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She sent naked photos to her victim and asked another student to act as a lookout.

A second student then reportedly told cops he witnessed sex acts between Zamora and the victim and said the sick teacher had sent him nudes.

Despite that, her attorney Belen Olmedo Guerra told reporters after the trial: "I have represented Brittany Zamora for almost 16 months and I can tell you that she is not a monster.

"Brittany is not a predator and this was not between a young child and Brittany. This was a teenager… She is not a danger to society."

She added that the headmaster at the school, Timothy Dickey, had refused a request from the teacher to remove the boy from her class.

Guerra claimed her client "implored Principal Dickey to move him because the teenager had boundary issues and was obsessed with Brittany".

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