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New 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Diversion Office opens in Aurora.

A new 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Diversion Office is open in Aurora.

The new office, which pairs individuals with counseling and other interventions to combat recidivism, is at 2993 S. Peoria St., according to a DA’s news release. People who successfully complete diversion have their criminal cases dismissed without a public record.

“For many years our office has had an incredibly successful Diversion program, and I have made expanding its offerings one of my priorities,” said DA John Kellner, in the release. “I want more people to have access to the supports they need to end the behaviors that bring them into contact with law enforcement so they can stay out of the criminal justice system. This new office is yet another way to accomplish that.”

The 18th district offers an adult diversion program, juvenile diversion, and it recently launched a pilot program for recovery diversion for adults. Diversion also has offices in Centennial, Littleton and Castle Rock.

Diversion staff include 16 therapists with master’s degrees; two case managers; two victim advocates; one administrative assistant and one assistant director under the supervision of Director Sarah Ericson.

In 2020, 40% of district juvenile cases were referred into diversion. Of the youth who successfully completed the program, 6.7% committed another offense after one year.


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