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Prince William admitted you ‘don’t mess with grandma’ after clash with Queen

Prince William had a showdown with the Queen over his wedding attire, but had to back down to the Monarch's decision for his marriage to Kate Middleton, the prince admitted in a throwback interview.

In the 2012 interview with ABC, he revealed that he clashed with his grandmother, The Queen, over his wedding attire.

The Duke of Cambridge said at the time: "What I really wanted to wear was the Irish Guards frock coat," The Express reports.

"We had a couple of discussions on this matter but, as I learnt growing up, you don’t mess with your grandmother.

"What she says goes."

William had sported the frock coat on a number of previous royal engagements but had been appointed colonel two months before the wedding.

The Queen in turn insisted that William wore the red tunic of the Irish Guards.

But Buckingham Palace did allow the couple to break a few other royal traditions, such as having a Maid of Honour and a Best Man.

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Kate and William were also able to write their own guest list with the support of Her Majesty.

"Things were rapidly building up steam towards the wedding," William said.

"I was given a list in the first meeting of 777 names and not one of them I knew.

"It was a bit daunting and it was like, that seems to be the guest list sorted – no room for friends or family.

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"I wasn’t too happy about it so I rang [the Queen] for a bit of moral support and a bit of backup.

"She said, 'don’t be so ridiculous, get rid of the list, and start from your friends.'"

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were recently seen flying off to an undisclosed location last week, to enjoy the half-term break with their three children.

Their trip came after a busy few weeks of royal duties for the pair.

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