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Birds that vomit when threatened and leave acidic poo everywhere invade town

Buzzards – known for vomiting when they feel threatened and leaving acidic poo everywhere – have descended upon the town of Bunn in North Carolina, USA.

Local resident Ally Leggett told The News & Observer that at the height of the invasion, she counted 58 buzzards perched around her house.

She said: “This weekend, they were up there swarming, it makes my dogs insane”.

She added that the birds leave a trail of destruction in their path, due to their habit of pecking at the bricks and pulling them down.

The residents are puzzled over why the birds are attracted to their town and have tried multiple different methods of scaring them off, Yahoo News reports.

One was to fire a propane cannon at regular intervals day and night from the roof of the local high school, hoping the sound would scare off the buzzards.

Police Chief, Steve Massey, told the local paper: “That worked for a while, but it seems they’re back.”

He added that he often drives past the birds and blows his horn at them, hoping to scare them off.

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The town also tried hanging ‘effigies’ around the rooftop of the high school, but the buzzards remain unphased.

Although they’re called buzzards, the birds are either black or turkey vultures, both of which are protected species, with both US federal and North Carolina state law banning killing, hurting or harassing the animal.

Despite their unfavourable reputation however, they are mostly harmless to humans.

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