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Adorable German shepherd melts hearts with his love of ‘bicycle’ tummy rubs

A German shepherd was irresistibly cute when he demonstrated how he "cycles" in mid-air during his tummy rubs.

In a Reddit post on Sunday (October 24) user u/yarrryarr shows their adorable Alsation called Macadoo lying on his owner's lap while being showered with affection.

While his belly is tickled, the dog puts his feet in the air and wiggles them around like he is riding a bike.

The post, captioned "Bicycle pets", was up-voted more than one thousand times and people in the comments were smitten.

One user shared: "Awww my little Mika does that too."

"I must try this with mine immediately," wrote a second viewer.

This comes after a cute German shepherd was caught on video getting annoyed when his owner wouldn't let him play fetch with a giant tree trunk.

In the cute video, the pooch whines and attempts to pick up the felled tree multiple times with no luck.

His owner jokes he "wants me to throw it" and the footage had viewers in stitches.

"I am dying. That whine of frustration is so familiar," a viewer wrote.

A second commented: "Love how he’s getting mad that you’re not helping. My first German shepherd did this all the time."

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Meanwhile, another German shepherd prefers pumpkins to sticks and was filmed "stealing" one.

The excitable pooch ran around the garden holding the huge gourd in its mouth like it was the best toy ever invented.

German Shepherds are known for their intelligence which made them popular as herding and working dogs for the police and armed forces and also as highly trainable household pets.

Unfortunately, the breed is known to suffer from health issues and is classed as 'Category Three' – the most severe – by The Kennel Club.

Because of their body shape, many German shepherds will suffer from hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and Canine Degenerative Myelopathy.

Breeders can screen their dogs for some of these conditions to reduce the chances of puppies suffering from these diseases.

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