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Princess Beatrice and Eugenie ‘lack’ eye for fashion that Kate has, says expert

Kate Middleton has spent the last 10 years as a working royal and being regularly dubbed the most regal of the Royal Family, even more so than some of those born into the family.

The Duchess's fashion elegance and ability to fit into the role so effortlessly has earned her praise from most royal commentators.

As a future Queen, Kate has had to adapt to living a more private life and one where each and every action of hers is analysed.

It has now been noted that Kate Middleton brings something to the table that Prince William's cousins, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, simply do not, the Express reports.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie grew up as members of the Royal Family and were most likely taught decorum and etiquette from a young age.

However, Beatrice and Eugenie have been mocked mercilessly for their fashion choices and for acting un-Princess-like over the years.

As opposed to Kate who has been praised for her sophistication since becoming the Duchess of Cambridge, her cousins-in-law, who are blood-born Princesses, have been criticised for not being sophisticated enough.

Both Princesses were known to be especially close to Prince Harry, who stepped down as a working member of the Royal Family in January 2020 to live in California with his wife Meghan Markle and their two children, Archie and Lili.

Princess Eugenie later expressed support for her cousin-in-law, ‘Dear Meghan’, on her Instagram on Meghan’s birthday in June 2021.

It is unknown whether Eugenie and Beatrice have that same rapport with Kate and William.

Judi James, a body language expert, analysed photographs of Kate with Beatrice and Eugenie since Kate joined the Firm in 2011, and whether there is any jealousy amongst the trio or rather a sense of respect and closeness there.

Judi said: "Although Catherine is always seen as epitomising all things regal, with her elegant body language and her impeccable Vogue-spread styling, the version of royal that she sports is actually more of an imported look for the Firm, rather than one that runs in their DNA.

“Women who are born royal, like Beatrice, Eugenie, Anne, Zara and even the Queen, lack the catwalk quality and the love of high fashion.

“Beatrice and Eugenie have had both ridicule and criticism thrown at them hurtfully and unfairly over the years for their unique and eye-catching styling.

“Both look so much more comfortable recently appearing bare-faced and casually dressed as they focus on their husbands and babies.

“Their body language has always looked more spontaneous than Catherine’s when they are at formal royal events and there are no obvious rituals or tie-signs between the women to suggest strong bonds of empathy or friendship.

“Eugenie, in particular, had a very close relationship with Harry, whose fun and irreverent side might have appealed to her.

“When we see Catherine and Eugenie greeting one another Kate does seem to arch her back slightly on the approach to suggest possible reserve, while Eugenie performs a ‘distracted’ cheek kiss, looking away rather than sharing the moment as their cheeks brush.

“In all these poses Catherine’s easy but classic elegance looks in contrast to the sisters who are often standing behind her, frequently with no obvious signals of rapport."

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