‘Not setting an example!’ Kay Burley blasts Tory minister over maskless MPs

Sajid Javid on why MPs don't need face masks in Commons

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The Sky host slammed the minister after she told Ms Burley that “many people” are now wearing masks because of soaring infections of Coronavirus but stressed the decision “is about personal choice” and that Britain is “not the sort of country that tells people what to do”. She also added how it is not for the government to mandate masks.

But Ms Burley hammered: “You say most people are wearing masks, but looking at the images from the House of Commons the other day, I only could see there’s may wearing a mask on the benches!

“Not many people doing the right thing there are they!”

She went on to note how Jacob Rees-Mogg on Thursday said Tories don’t need to wear a mask during debates “because of the convivial fraternal spirit within the Conservative party”.

The Sky host slammed: “Does that mean you if you are convivial and fraternal you don’t get Covid?

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Ms Keegan hit back, saying: “No, everybody knows you can get Covid from everybody.

But Ms Burley was clear that the move by the Conservatives is “not setting an example” as she put the Care Minister on the ropes.

Ms Keegan replied how “throughout much of the summer, not many of us have had masks on” but insisted “I had a mask on yesterday!”

And she was adamant that as the country heads towards the winter “more and more people will be wearing masks”.

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But she was clear that mask wearing should not become a “sign of virtue or not” as she squirmed amid the volley of questioning.

The Care Minister went on to turn the cross hairs on the Labour Party who have criticised the Conservatives for not wearing masks.

She said the party wear masks in the House of Commons but at the Labour conference last month she claimed “none of them had a mask on!”.

Kay Burley slammed: “I’m not asking about Labour, I’m asking about the government!”


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The comments come as the Government is facing increasing pressure from advisors to implement “plan B”.

These measures aren’t the same as a full-scale lockdown but would introduce similar curbs on public interaction alongside the return of working from home, compulsory masks and mandated vaccine passports for some locations.

It comes as Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said ministers should not delay, as the NHS risks “sky-high” pressure this winter amid soaring cases.

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