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Panic as giant ‘python’ slithers out of clothes donation bin and onto street

A snake that "looked like a python" has been captured after slithering out of a clothes donation bin in Scotland and causing a panic.

Photos of the serpent circulated on social media after it was spotted in Fife, Scotland at around 2pm yesterday, with people online saying that it looked like "a python".

The specimen was actually a rat snake, which can grow up to five feet long, and pose no danger to humans due to their absence of venom.

Someone who was at the scene contacted police and the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), and the police kept the beast in their car until the latter arrived.

Jan Graham told The Courier: "When I arrived at the carpark at about 5.45pm the police were sitting in a marked police car.

"I asked if they knew about the snake and they said they had it in the car waiting on the SSPCA arriving. I didn’t see the SSPCA arriving but the police left about 6.15pm."

Another woman said: "I was going to go up to the bottle bank, if I had seen that I would have fainted on the spot.

"Not what you would expect to see on a Monday afternoon."

Saffi Wallace said: "Hope someone manages to go pick it up and put it in a safe container until the owner can get it.

"When mine went a wander I was worried sick about her until she was safe. It's too cold out there for them."

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The snake was later captured and taken into the care of SSPCA officers.

Scottish SPCA inspector Nicola Liddell said: "We were contacted by Police Scotland after they uplifted a stray snake from the Templehall area of Kirkcaldy in the early evening of October 18."

She added: "Snakes are somewhat notorious for being escape artists and can find tiny spaces in their enclosure to squeeze through.

"We will now hold the snake for seven days at one of our animal rescue and rehoming centres to give the animal’s owner a chance to reclaim their pet. If no one comes forward the snake will be rehomed."

Rat snakes are medium to large constrictors and are found throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere. As is obvious from the name, they feed primarily on rodents.

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