Farage blasts PM’s tax plans ‘You’ll send us back to the 1970s!’

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The GB News presenter, in an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express spoke of his alarm at the Government’s plans for increased corporation tax and fears that inflation will wipe out people’s savings.

“I think the lessons from the 1970s have been forgotten,” he says. You could start off the 1970s being relatively well off and finish the 1970s being relatively badly off, having done nothing but with your money being inflated away and I think that’s something people need to get their minds around. The Government’s in denial over it.”

He describes how he wants the Government to use post-Brexit freedoms to cut the cost of living – and argues £50 could be knocked off the cost of car insurance.

“We could cut the price of everyone’s car motor insurance in Britain by simplifying some of our EU law,” he insists. “It’s little things like that I’d really love the Government to do, to really say to people, ‘Here is your Brexit dividend.’”

The wind power-sceptic explained how he expects u-turns on energy policy and claims that parts of the UK could be hit with black-outs in the near future.

“If you get one major outage the lights will be going out in some parts of Britain,” he warns. “It’s an incredible thing to think in 2021, and it shows a colossal strategic failure of thinking.”

Green subsidies, he says, constitute “one of the biggest transferences [of wealth] from the poor to the rich we’ve seen in modern times”.

Mr Farage believes that for young people to succeed in today’s world they need to embrace the time-honoured values of hard work, punctuality and politeness – but he is horrified at what he sees happening in higher education.

“I just think our universities are awful,” he says. “They’ve [become] madrassas for Marxism.

“They are poisoning the minds of our young people. We’ve stopped teaching critical thinking.

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