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Sarcastic pub landlord demands punters ‘whisper’ after locals’ noise complaints

A pub in Berkshire has taken the term “passive aggressive customer service” to a whole new level after putting up a sarcastic sign asking punters to “whisper” while on-site.

The Victoria Pub, on Norcot Road, Tilehust, posted a photo of the new sign on its Facebook page yesterday – which has now been removed – stating its new “garden rules”.

Referring to a neighbour called “Mildred”, the sign reads: “Dear customers, can we please ask that you whisper while in our garden.

“This is due to the fact that we have some neighbours that forget they live next door to a pub and not a library and have nothing better to do than run to the council and whinge.”

The pub is known for having regular live music events, and is open until 11pm on weeknights – midnight on weekends, according to Berkshire Live.

BL states that it did attempt to contact the landlord of the pub for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

However, local councillor Helen Manghnani, Conservative Councillor for Tilehurst West in the Reading Borough, said: “I had not seen the sign until now and I do visit the pub now and then, although not into the garden.

“Like everything in today's world, things seem to be louder, music, traffic and even people intend to talk in higher pitched voices.

“It is difficult for those in senior years to deal with ultra-loud noises and to be quite frank, many of the complaints I receive revolve around loud music and late night garden parties.”

“With regards to the sign, it could have been a little more understanding, leaving off the sentence referring to living next door to a pub.

“We don’t know how long people have lived there, whether the pub came first or the house. Either way, sensitivity towards such issues is always a way forward in getting peace and quiet.”

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