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Cockapoo ‘loses’ Squid Game’s red light, green light challenge in funny video

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The ultra-violent Korean series sees contestants battle it out in a number of children’s inspired games, like red light, green light – similar to the British playground game, Granny’s Footsteps.

Whilst hundreds of TikTokers attempt to cut out a circle from a piece of dalgona candy, one clever cockapoo has recreated the red light green light challenge with a dramatic twist.

The video sees Sushi, also known as Sushi Said, tip toe towards the camera alongside owner, Zack.

As the music stops, both players should freeze before they can move again – but Sushi continues to edge forward and finds herself ‘shot’ – just like characters in the Netflix show.


For legal reasons, no one died! ������ How realistic was this death? Please rate 1 to 10. #squidgame #squidgameedit #redlightgreenlight

♬ Squid Game – Green Light Red Light – Yovinca Prafika

The video, captioned: “For legal reasons, no one died! How realistic was this death?” sees Sushi dramatically lie down and roll onto her side as she ‘loses’ the game.

Viewers adored her acting skills, and were impressed by her dedication to commit to the role.

One said: “The puppy knows his assignment for sure.”

Whilst another added: “That was off the charts good. This was the most adorable death ever.”

The video has been viewed over 261,000 times, but their most viral clip by far was posted last March, dancing to the ‘Oh nanana’ remix, which received 105,000,000 hits.

The Los Angeles social media star has earned herself 2.8 million TikTok followers, and is well known for her blue ears, which are painted with a vegan, dog-friendly dye.

Her Instagram describes her as a ‘video creator and fashion icon’, and she’s even brushed paws with pups of the stars, including Perez Hilton’s dog, Teddy.

As a breed, cockapoos display traits of both their poodle and cocker spaniel parents, making them intelligent and friendly dogs, albeit a bit mischievous.

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In another viral clip, cheeky cockapoo Lola, aged four, attempted to use the 5ft hedge to climb onto the garden shed after sniffing out the bit of old toast which had ended up on its roof.

Shocked owner Justine Atterbury, 48, came home to find the hedge badly damaged and initially blamed her clumsy Dalmatian, Ruby, aged 13.

But when she watched the CCTV back, she saw the mystery culprit was Lola and said she couldn’t stop laughing as she watched her clamber through the hedge.

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