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Mum slams B&M staff as lava lamp row ends with autistic son kicked out of store

A fuming mum has accused B&M staff of shouting at her autistic son for touching a lava lamp with a "please try me" sticker on.

Natalie Birks has spoken out about how she left the Longton branch of the store, just outside Stoke, in tears after her 15-year-old autistic son Brandon was treated badly by staff who asked him to leave the store.

The 33-year-old aid that she and her son went into the store and first headed towards the lava lamps which he wanted – reports StoneOnTrentLive.

She added, "There was a massive sign on these lamps saying ‘please try me’. He went to touch one of them to show me how it works and this woman shouted ‘don’t touch that’.”

Birks added that as they continued their shopping, a worker approached them and told her son “you need to leave right now. I said ‘what’s he done?’ and they said he was trying to touch things.”

She explained that she told the store that he wouldn’t know where to go and would put himself in danger if he left.

"They told me we all needed to leave. In my eyes he didn’t do anything wrong. All he did was touch a lava lamp.”

The mother-of-three who left the store “upset and crying,” has lodged a complaint with B&M, and said that the member of staff accused her son of ‘trying to steal.’

She explained that she would be boycotting the branch, “Autism is totally different for everyone. It feels like he is being discriminated against for having autism and for being the way he is. “

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She added, “I will not be going to that branch. It’s not fair that my son should feel victimised. We were only in there for three minutes before we were kicked out. You can’t always see disabilities.”

B&M has been contacted for comment.

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