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Joe Biden is now as unpopular as Trump as ratings plummet – and worse is yet to come

Joe Biden poll slump ‘going to get worse’ says commentator

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Joe Biden has received his lowest-ever approval ratings in a recent poll, with voters punishing the US President on matters ranging from Afghanistan and Covid to the state of the economy. Now, analysts have said he is about on-par with Donald Trump’s ratings at the same point in his presidency – but there are factors even more troubling for the Democrats.

A new poll, conducted by Quinnipiac, showed just 38 percent of voters now approve of Mr Biden, a far cry from the 56 percent he took office with.

The poll showed 53 percent disapprove of the president, which increases when divided by voter loyalty.

Just 32 percent of Independents approve of Biden while 60 percent disapprove; four percent of Republicans approve, while 94 percent disapprove; and 80 percent of Democrats approve of the president’s job overall and 10 percent disapprove.

Among independents – seen as an important gauge without loyalty to either of the two main parties = Mr Biden is now as unpopular as Donald Trump was at the same stage in his presidency.

But there is one crucial factor that should be concerning Democrats even more: at this point in Donald Trump’s presidency, it was just a month after the “Unite the Right” rally in Virginia.

Three people died in the rally which saw far-right groups including white nationalists, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and various right-wing militias take to the streets of Charlottesville.

In the aftermath of the rally, Mr Trump incited anger across the political spectrum when he failed to condemn the participants, saying there had been “very fine people on both sides”.

Right after this, controversial Trump adviser Stephen K Bannon had been fired, and emails from former campaign chairman Paul Manafort detailing how Mr Bannon had sought to set up meetings with a Russian billionaire close to Vladimir Putin were reported.

There was little surprise within the Trump administration that his polls would suffer after this series of events.

But the fact that Mr Biden is on equal footing now shows just how far the President has fallen – and how far he could tumble still.

According to the Quinnipiac poll, immigration issues are the President’s biggest downfall, with 25 percent approving and a shocking 67 percent disapproving of his policies.

Mr Biden’s ratings began to sour as the true scale of the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal became evident, and voters are still punishing him for it.

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Roughly three in 10 Americans (28 percent) agreed with Mr Biden’s decision to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan, while 50 percent think the US should have withdrawn some troops but not all troops.

A total of 15 percent think the US should not have withdrawn any troops from Afghanistan.

Mr Biden scored his highest marks on his Covid-19 response, where 48 percent approve and 50 percent disapprove.

On the economy and taxes, Biden scored 39 percent and 37 percent approval respectively.

Only five percent of Americans say they are very satisfied with the way things are going today, while 23 percent say they are somewhat satisfied.

The poll also reflects a notable decline in public opinion of the president’s character.

Only 49 percent now believe the president cares about average Americans, when in April that number was 58 percent.

The university polled 1,326 US adults from October 1 to 4. The full results can be viewed here.

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